Thursday, 29 August 2013

David and Goliath

I am now within weeks of finishing my dissertation and two years of postgraduate study, but I have been able to get some paint on my brush during times when I need a break from describing victims of mustard gas. During one of these stints I managed to finally tackle the last of my Triples stash. I had picked up several KV-2s and a T-26 Flamethrower tank by Zvezda all in 1/100 scale. as with all the Zvedza kits, they were easy to put together and a pleasure to paint. I've yet to come across a bad Zvezda kit. Enough waffle, onto the pictures.


I have four of these beasts. That will be enough as they were only used in small numbers on the front anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing how much devastation that 152mm gun will bring...

And David; the T-26 Flamethrower tank. I only found one of these on the stalls at Triples, but again, that's enough for my needs. 

That's all for now, thanks for looking!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

I have been away for the weekend touring Holland, Belgium and the UK with the band Goat Leaf, but before I left I finished off my first British battalion for the Malaysia campaign of 1941/2. The OOB came from the excellent Japanese World War II Scenarios (Volume Two) Malaya by A. Michael Sayce which is specifically for Rapid Fire. I got my copy from Cavalier Books.

The unit consists of:
HQ = CO + 6 figs (1 x Boys A/T rifle, 1 x 2" mortar)
3 x Infantry Companies, each with 8 figures (1 x SMG, 6 x rifles 1 x Bren)

All the figures are from the Peter Pig Eighth Army Range, which is the correct uniform that the men would have worn before it changed over to the jungle pattern, later.

I followed the Flames of War guide to painting the Eighth Army, but added a dark green helmet instead of a sand coloured one. 

The battalion is a much smaller unit than their Japanese opponents and has far less firepower, but I guess that adds to the challenge. I have a couple more of these units plus some 2 pounder A/T guns to finish before I can get a game with them, but it won't be far off now. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

1/35th Deutsches Afrikakorps Panzer IIg

I have just put the finishing touches to the 1/35th Tamiya Panzer IIg which I have been building for the last couple of weeks. I varnished the entire thing to protect it, but I think it dulled the paint job too much. Oh well, lesson learned... It was mounted on a base from these people and I think it will make a nice addition to the rest of my models:

I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

1/35th Tamiya Panzer II WIP pt.3

I found an hour to paint up the four Afrika Korps figures that go with the Panzer II which I am currently building. I used a combination of the following Vallejo paints procured from a list I found on TMP.

Uniform: Yellow Ochre 913, Khaki 988, Desert Yellow 977
Webbing: Sand Yellow 916
Helmet: Tan Yellow 912
Boots: Red Leather 818 

I painted each figure with a different uniform combination, just to break up the unit. DAK uniforms suffered very badly in the harsh conditions, plus extra supplies were also taken from British and Italian stocks, so this mix is reasonably correct and gives the men a rag-tag feel.

They await their equipment, but that is the next stage and shouldn't take long. There is a distinct lack of detail on the figures, being old Tamiya models, so they look a little basic. At least that is my excuse for the shoddy paint jobs...

Other than that, I have added stowage to the Panzer. I bought a set of Panzer II resin stowage from Legend. I found it on Ebay for about £7 including postage from Hong Kong! It's nice stuff and I didn't use it all up, so there's plenty for my next tank!

I have a base that I will mount the tank and figures on over the coming weeks. But, as always, that is in the future... Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

1/35th Tamiya Panzer II WIP pt.2

Despite having deadlines hanging over me like the sword of Damocles, the Panzer II project is inching forward. I had got the lower half of the hull and the turret finished in this LAST POST.

Since then I put the decals on the turret and the lower hull half and began work on painting the upper hull, as well as the wheels. As this was an experiment with Maskol, I used more of it on the lower hull on some areas that I had melted to look damaged. These included the front right mudguard, the right panels and left hand rear mudguard and I was rather pleased with how it turned out:

Then it was just a quick case of adding the wheels and tracks and the whole thing was finished, a lot quicker than I thought as well!

You'll notice that the tracks don't actually meet up properly, this is a fault with the kit and I will have to cover this up when I come to finish the base which this tank will sit on eventually. But apart from that little niggle, the kit was a nice one to build.

Rear view:

Top view: 

I still have the stowage to add, then the four DAK figures need painting and the base making. So there's quite a way to go, but thanks for looking!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

1/35th Tamiya Panzer II WIP

My modelling and gaming has taken a nosedive in the last week or so as I realised I have less than six weeks to write 12,000 words of sense about gas warfare, but even so I have managed to sneak in the occasional hour of dabbing some paint about. 

This Panzer II was bought for me at Christmas by a friend and I am trying to make a dent in my to build pile, so this was top of the list. It's an ancient Tamiya DAK Panzer II. It comes with four infantry figures and a tank commander, who I won't be using as I want the tank to be buttoned up. The kit was simple enough to go together, only taking a couple of hours one evening, although it did remind me that there are much better kit manufacturers out there than Tamiya...

Then the painting began, slowly. I gave it a base coat of Vallejo German Grey to serve as an undercoat. I wanted it to have damaged areas that would show this paint underneath where scratches and bumps would occur, so I took this opportunity as my first attempt at using Humbrol's Maskol.

With the Maskol applied to the areas I wanted to be chipped and it was painted in Desert Yellow. This was then inkwashed with Chocolate Brown and dry brushed with Dark Sand. I've never painted a DAK vehicle before, either, so I was kind of thinking on my feet with the colour scheme.

Then the Maskol is simply rubbed off to create a chipped effect.You can see it in this photo and the one above on the bend of the bottom of the hull and around the housing for the driving cog.

I didn't go wild with the chips as this was my first attempt, but I'm happy with the result I got.

I'm happier with the turret and the areas of wear and tear showing through.

I have yet to start the top half of the hull and the wheels, they are both pretty big jobs, so it may wait for a while...

In keeping with a desert theme, I bought twenty of these palm trees off Ebay (they are actually for my forthcoming Malaysia campaign). They look a bit basic and ugly now, but I will paint them up and see how they turn out. It should be an easy task to turn them into something usable.

That's all for now, but thanks for looking!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

It's Done, Finally!

It's taken over a year to finish, but I have finally, finally, finally finished the Eduard 1/48th Pfalz DIII kit.

The plane and pilot were finished a while ago but I was just waiting a long time for a display board to be delivered. Unfortunately, when it arrived it was the wrong size! So I had to order another from these lovely people, which fortunately came very quickly and was the right size!

I added a piece of textured grassed paper to the base and then added more Woodland Scenics grass using PVA and an old brush. First the thicker clumps:

Then a thinner spread of grass over the rest of the area:

Finally I fixed the plane and pilot in place with Superglue and Bob's your Aunty's live-in-lover: 

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, I have learned a lot during the process of building this and am looking forward to starting on the Roland CII I have had tucked away since Christmas...

Today is also the 95th Anniversary of the Battle of Amiens where the British Expeditionary Force took the lessons it had learned the hard way over the past three years and smashed through the German lines with a combination of scientific artillery fire, combined arms operations and tactical superiority. It signalled the beginning of the end of the First World War with the 100 Days campaign and was a major Allied victory that is all but forgotten today.

Remember them.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Battle of Verkhopenye, 8th July 1943

A long while ago I put together the forces for the Rapid Fire scenario the Battle of Verkhopenye, 8th July 1943, the full German list can be seen HERE, the Russian one HERE. I'd played this scenario before as the Russians, but had lost, so this time I wanted to play as the Germans and see how I did. 

I invited Dean, Dane and Ninjasaurus Rex over for a re-fight. Ninjasaurus cried off; he'd probably been hoodwinked into going swimming with his wife, or something. But Dean and Dane were up for it and Dean appeared in a typically nerdy t-shirt:

The Germans control the road junction at the bottom of the picture and have to defend it against what looks like a swarm of Soviet tanks. I was allowed to set up anywhere in the bottom three quarters of the board.

I gave Dane control of the four StuGs as he is new to the game and spread the rest of my forces across the wooded areas and the buildings. The StuGs took position on the right flank to cover the open areas there.

I also placed the PAK40 in the woods to cover the large open area on the right flank should anything get past the StuGs.

The Russians were placed across the top of the board, a heavy concentration of tanks of the 200th Tank Brigade were positioned on their right flank, in the completely opposite side that we had placed our heavy guns...

The two sides started the game in contact but the first rounds of German fire were ineffective, so the 200th Tank Brigade took advantage and started pushing forward past the pockets of resistance.

On the Soviet left flank the Motorised Battalion set off at speed, covered by the SU-122 and SU-76:

Yet two of the StuGs made short work of them as they rounded the hills:

Meanwhile, the German AA gun on the hill was looking particularly exposed.

In return for their success the two StuGs came under Katyusha battery fire, which had little effect!

I pulled the AA half track back out of danger down the road, whilst the StuGs stood their ground in the centre. A few shots were exchanged between the Soviet field guns and German half tracks at the top of the field:

Meanwhile, the 200th Tank Brigade was still exchanging shots with the Germans in the woods:

The Russian left flank then took a mauling from the 120mm Mortar and Wespe batteries: Two of the trucks were destroyed along with some casualties on the battalion's SMG companies:

Forward elements of the 200th Tank Brigade pushed past the resistance in the woods and started to take position against the four StuGs:

But not without casualties as accurate fire from the StuGs reduced their number by one:

It wasn't all one sided though, one StuG was destroyed, another heavily damaged and a third lightly damaged!

And it still wasn't over as the Katyusha opened fire again!

There was some German success at the top of the table, the two Russian field guns had been knocked out as had their M3 Scout Car transport:

And on the German right flank the PAK40 and half track were making a mess of the advancing Motorised Battalion, which had now debussed.

There were two M3 Grants attached to the 200th Tank Brigade and they were busy chasing off a half track and making mincemeat of another:

Yet more Katyusha fire fell, but this time it fell short and was ineffective, but the StuGs failed their morale roll and routed off the table! In one fell swoop we'd lost our heaviest forces!

Another half track burned in the woods from more Russian anti-tank fire:

However, one of the SdKfz 250s seized the initiative and advanced on the Katyusha battery, quickly dispatching it.

The German forces were pulled back to the location of the road junction to make the situation more difficult for the advancing Russian tanks:

A bad morale result saw the Motorised Battalion flee the field, yet the Soviet tanks were also heading down the central road to outflank the remaining Germans:

The retreating Stummel fired on the advancing tanks but with no effect:

But the PAK40 on the right flank made his presence felt by knocking out a T-34:

Russian fire damaged two SdKfz 222s and destroyed the third. I depressed the guns on the Wespes and started firing over open sights at the Soviet tanks:

Then the Red Airforce suddenly appeared over the battlefield! The Airacobra made a mess of the German 120mm mortar:

But all was not lost from my point of view as the PAK40 claimed another T-34. Very little beats a well emplaced anti-tank gun...

It suddenly felt like Russians were swarming everywhere as the M3s got in behind the Wespes, but not before one had heavily damaged a T-34:

One of the Wespes was destroyed by accurate anti-tank fire:

In the air the P39 started looking for its next target:

Until my Henschel HS-129 appeared and the two began fighting for supremacy in the air:

There was more firing from the Russians, but with little effect:

The remaining Wespe damaged another T-34, this was the tipping point: A failed morale roll on the 200th Tank Brigade saw them routing back towards their own line! The Germans had held their position!

It was very close, but I think a realistic result. There was still a lot of German units in the woods and buildings around the road junction. By this stage the 200th Tank Brigade were unsupported and had lost three vehicles to German fire along with two heavily damaged, so there is no wonder their morale collapsed.

This is the second time I have played this scenario, when I took the Russians I only got about half way down the field before the advance was halted, so in this case Dean did better than me. We both agreed this was a difficult game to win as the Russians although this one came very close!
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